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Fashion Illustration

corky -

making decisions is very hard n i do not reccomend it

baldisbasics -

@corky is smelly...

corky -


themythicalumbreon -

we all smelli on main ...😔✌️

guess who’s been 😔✌️ dead 😎✊

not being cryptic for one second to tell you guys that my power went out while I was in the shower 



baldisbasics -

my humor is just rat and dirt jokes and I feel like that describes me entirely 


exculpatrous -

Wind rushing at me
Two asynchronous bodies
Our directions change


exculpatrous -

Always living in the past
Respite at last
The negativity late

Delayed pain coming steadfast
All punches, the cast
of senile characters await

Nurses, their flags at half mast
Surrender aghast
How long can a smile be straight?

corky asked:

that sounds cool! did you have a good time? (also for someone who doesn’t know anything about america, is washington dc like a major state? ksjsksk) sleep! sleep a lot!

i did!! it was a bit annoying with my 9year old cousin and my aunt’s friend’s 4year old daughter but it’s alright!! (Washington D.C. is the District of Columbia I believe, it’s not actually a state. It is near Virginia, so a lot of my time was in Virginia! it’s okayskfjsdnw america be wack) and yeah!! i’m going back to my dad’s today so,,, sleep uwu

syrup -

uhhhhh not to sound invasive but



i’m just really curious what y’all look like

syrup -

okay but, I was thinking of something fun we could do. Ready? 

Reblog this with traits or concepts or aesthetics that you feel in your soul and you feel like they portray you. AND. I. WILL. DRAW. YOU. 

it could be stuff like “soft, glitter, rainy days, horns, femme, smol, bunny ears, messy long hair, blue and pink” and I’ll try to capture that or whatever it makes me feel :^) it will have hooman basic structure (maybe) but it will be a little caricaturesque creature :3 

okay worst case nobody reblogs and best case i get to do like 35 drawings cause that’s how many active users I perceive around here ehehe 

baldisbasics -

goodmorning mutuals and friends!!!

baldisbasics asked:

holds u up into the sky

corky -

did we not learn our lesson with icarus

gligar -

if ur lgbt and play stardew valley rb this with ur gender/orientation fav love interest and ur opinion on the fishing mechanic

we really be out here huh

lime -


emlsblogs -

What are you, a cop?

i’m real sorry for inactivity, i’m in washington dc and i’m kdnanfndksn tired

i’m gonna make my friends list soon............ and other things....

plum -

yall are spending way too much time criticizing sword dog and not nearly enough time criticizing corvniknight. how the fuck am I supposed to pronounce that

opportunity -


corvi as in corvid (crow)

knight bc armor

fungus -

yeah but what about the n

feywild -

there's no n


themythicalumbreon -

corviknight is one of my new favorites leave him alonefjsdbsbf 

sword and shield dog both good!!!!!!!! i love them all!!!

Waterfall Ask Meme

aurenfaie -

I wanted to make another ask meme, so I thought I would do one based on this site. Send a number or a few!

  1. How did you discover Waterfall?
  2. What is your favorite thing about Waterfall?
  3. What is your least favorite thing about Waterfall?
  4. Do you use Waterfall as your main social media?
  5. When did you make a Waterfall account?
  6. How did you choose your URL? What does it mean?
  7. Do you have more than one blog?
  8. How many blogs do you follow?
  9. Do you use any Waterfall-specific words? (examples: splashboard or stream for dashboard)
  10. Who do (you think) you interact with the most on this site? (could be reblogging from, speaking with, etc)
  11. What would you like to see more of on this site? 
  12. Are there any other features you'd like to see on Waterfall?
  13. How do you find new blogs to follow?
  14. Do you see more fandom or non-fandom content on your dashboard?
  15. Who would you recommend your followers follow?
  16. Do you use the queue feature? If yes, do you have a queue tag?
  17. What is your favorite post on Waterfall?
  18. What blog have followed most recently?
  19. Is there a URL you wish you had?
  20. Have you learned or discovered anything on Waterfall? (examples: fun facts, artists, songs)
  21. Do you consider yourself a content creator? If yes, what do you create?
  22. Do you follow blogs even if they don't have similar interests in order to keep your dashboard busy? Or do you only follow those with similar interests while having a slower dashboard? Or something else entirely?
  23. How did you choose your icon? Does it have a special significance?
  24. Which social media did you use before (or concurrent with) Waterfall?
  25. Who is your first follower?
  26. What advice would you give to a completely new Waterfall user?
  27. Have you seen any posts in a language you don't speak? In a language you speak apart from English?
  28. Do you check your activity?
  29. How did you choose you blog title?
  30. Moss, Dark Moss, Light Theme, or Hellsite Traditional?

baldisbasics asked:

ur on,, friends list


i’m gonna cry that’s so sweet sjfndnsn 

once i get my life together and get my pages set up, you’re definitely going on mine!!!!

Have some soft Beefalo and Wilson dancing (and sleeping) moments