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An Anonymous user asked:

For Annmelia: "If you found a magic lamp and were granted three wishes, what would those wishes be?"

"Rule number one: Don't play with magic. Rule number two: Don't play with magic scrolls. Rule number three: Don't play with magic objects. Translation: Touchie-no-touchie the magic." Laughing briefly, Ann tuts the mysterious person offering her the magic lamp scenario.

"You've got to think these things out. Why would anyone make a magic lamp that is able to grant wishes? Do you have any idea how many components that would take? Any idea how *expensive* that would be?"

Her expression sours a bit. "Like, think about all the trouble something like that could cause? I might want to wish for selfish things? What I get, someone else somewhere else has to lose, you know? And, like, even if I want to wish for good things for people -- say, world peace? World. Wide. Peace. -- What would that require? I'll tell you. Either all living things would have to lose control over their own thoughts and behaviors, or they'd have to be eradicated. Why? Because, hello? We're drama. All of us. We're very dramatic as a species."

"It's like, did you even think about any of that stuff? You're not even talking about just a 'magic' thing. That's like -- it can grant all these wishes? -- that's an artifact. Those are so, so, so dangerous. No. If I found one of those things, I'd take it straight to my Father and we'd make sure no one ever used it to hurt themslves or anyone else. Because that would be the right thing to do." She offers an expansive gesture, albeit briefly.

"You just have to take a minute to consider the rest of the people in the world. How they would be affected to realize that something like that? It's not intended for anything good. No matter what you wish for or do with it, someone is going to get hurt. -- Unless you keep it from being used. That's like, the only really good thing you can do with stuff like that."

peachy-queer asked:

your game sounds amazing and i have a mighty need???? can i be nosy and ask what language/engine you're using/planning to use? (if not, totally understandable, i'm just curious as a person who sometimes likes to pretend they're learning to code lol)

I'm learning C# and C++ right now, and i have a decent grasp on the basics of HTML and java (very basics, like just enough to be able to understand how to organize the code and muddle my way through learning more). I'll probably be using Unity for the engine (although there's another game i haven't started planning that i have a concept for that i want to make a 3D game and i wanna use Unreal Engine for that one)

From what i understand though, I'll probably end up needing to know mostly C# and C++ (because the engine im using) and then have to know bits and pieces of other languages to integrate different things into the coding? Not entirely clear on what that means but almost every place i've read about coding at it says that you will 99% most likely be using at least two programming languages for any complex project you work on....so i guess i'll cross that bridge when i reach it!

believe me unless you're like just straight up telling me my game sucks i will always be down to answer any questions no matter how nosy you think you're being i can't shut up about it

babushka asked:

im curious now, what's your game about?

it's going to be a lot like harvest moon and stardew valley. I've always really liked the harvest moon series and concernedape inspired me to try and make my own when i found out that he basically made stardew valley by himself.

Ad Mire is set in a peaceful, post-apocolyptic (toxic) swamp. The player will be found by an NPC who shows them an old, ruined town that has a house that they can fix up. They then rebuild the town, building by building, to unlock all of the characters (32 in total as of right now) and create a community.

There will be 18 marriage candidates (7 men, 8 women, and 3 NB people), 7 non-marriagable adults, and 7 children (two of whom are adoptable).

You'll be able to get married, adopt a child (or two), farm, raise animals, mine, fish, craft, explore, befriend wild animals, and help the villagers grow as people. Many of the marriage candidates will get married to someone else if you don't marry them. Also, curtesy of my niece who came up with this idea, the player won't have to get married to adopt kids! there will be different events depending on if they adopt kids before or after they get married, as that changes how the characters would react!

I plan to include lots of unlockable areas to explore and forage from, as well as 4 festivals a season, and a lot of dialogue.

It's a ways in the making though, as I'm learning how to code now and have outlined most of the activites/crafts/map areas but haven't started any of the dialogue yet (with the exception of some heart-event dialogue and gift responses). Not to mention as the planning continues and i come up with more ideas I add more stuff (such as an extra bachelorette. the swamp mermaid was not originally marriageable but then i realized if i was playing i would DIE if i couldn't marry her so i had to change that)

I only started back in january (2019) so it'll definitely be a while but i'm trying to stay MOTIVATED.

corky asked:

that sounds cool! did you have a good time? (also for someone who doesn’t know anything about america, is washington dc like a major state? ksjsksk) sleep! sleep a lot!

i did!! it was a bit annoying with my 9year old cousin and my aunt’s friend’s 4year old daughter but it’s alright!! (Washington D.C. is the District of Columbia I believe, it’s not actually a state. It is near Virginia, so a lot of my time was in Virginia! it’s okayskfjsdnw america be wack) and yeah!! i’m going back to my dad’s today so,,, sleep uwu

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it means You Are Good ! :D

Oooooh :0 thank you sm! I am blessed!

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you??? Good

O fucc, I apologise I've literally not been on in 6 days! But can you plz rephrase this? I don't understand what this means :0