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princeofdoom asked:

Any need for a library cat? Any place for a cat to perch among the shelves? Anything that skitters for a cat to hunt?

this-library-laughs -

Oh, every good library has a cat in it!

I would love to take the offer, but first I'll ask the library since it might get nervous for the safety of the books. In the meantime, feel free to explore! You might find a few things to hunt if you put your heart on it, but please be careful to not be hunted in return.

princeofdoom -

I will find a place to watch from,and get comfortable withwhere things are. :3 There may be wailing atmid night. That might or mightnot be me.

this-library-laughs -

If you're planning on making noise, please do so in a self-study room. The library has a "No noise" policy unless strictly unavoidable, and you won't be the only thing lurking at midnight.

public-trespassing asked:

Hello I'm Officer Reedford. I was curious about find a book about local fish, we've had some reports of an odd fish swimming around in the Locke and I wanted to see if I could figure out what it is. Can't be having crazy rumors getting everyone worked up.

Of course, officer. If my memory serves me right, those books should be at the left end of row 3, first floor.

They are a little bit slippery and move when you touch them, but as long as you have a good grasp on them it should be fine to read.

princeofdoom asked:

Any need for a library cat? Any place for a cat to perch among the shelves? Anything that skitters for a cat to hunt?

Oh, every good library has a cat in it!

I would love to take the offer, but first I'll ask the library since it might get nervous for the safety of the books. In the meantime, feel free to explore! You might find a few things to hunt if you put your heart on it, but please be careful to not be hunted in return.

vibin-cabin asked:

Any Birdwatching Books?

Terribly sorry for the wait, but I think we have just the right thing for you.

Bird-related books like to hang around the upper levels of the bookshelves, on the second floor. I encourage you to look around since birdwatching books are always near them.

crying-tutu asked:

Hiiiiii!!!!!!! What is this place?

Greetings! Welcome to the library. We recently opened the doors so it might look a little topsy-turvy, but that's just for now!

Please come in! Even if you don't fancy a book right now, the library loves having visitors

kirby asked:

if you die and leave your chunk without a human i will take her in. like a godparent.

I hereby decree that if I die, my babes are to be lent to waterfall user Kirby until they too can join me in whatever comes after death.

gloatbee asked:

β˜•οΈ aliens

beautiful and gorgeous. They know that gender is a social construct and imaginary unlike THEM :^) they are real but also kinda scary so they are not to be fucked with

tiddywife asked:

bunnies β˜•οΈ

Beautiful babies BUT gotta remember to be gentle with them cause they SMOL and I get carried away ;-;

An Anonymous user asked:

For Annmelia: "If you found a magic lamp and were granted three wishes, what would those wishes be?"

"Rule number one: Don't play with magic. Rule number two: Don't play with magic scrolls. Rule number three: Don't play with magic objects. Translation: Touchie-no-touchie the magic." Laughing briefly, Ann tuts the mysterious person offering her the magic lamp scenario.

"You've got to think these things out. Why would anyone make a magic lamp that is able to grant wishes? Do you have any idea how many components that would take? Any idea how *expensive* that would be?"

Her expression sours a bit. "Like, think about all the trouble something like that could cause? I might want to wish for selfish things? What I get, someone else somewhere else has to lose, you know? And, like, even if I want to wish for good things for people -- say, world peace? World. Wide. Peace. -- What would that require? I'll tell you. Either all living things would have to lose control over their own thoughts and behaviors, or they'd have to be eradicated. Why? Because, hello? We're drama. All of us. We're very dramatic as a species."

"It's like, did you even think about any of that stuff? You're not even talking about just a 'magic' thing. That's like -- it can grant all these wishes? -- that's an artifact. Those are so, so, so dangerous. No. If I found one of those things, I'd take it straight to my Father and we'd make sure no one ever used it to hurt themslves or anyone else. Because that would be the right thing to do." She offers an expansive gesture, albeit briefly.

"You just have to take a minute to consider the rest of the people in the world. How they would be affected to realize that something like that? It's not intended for anything good. No matter what you wish for or do with it, someone is going to get hurt. -- Unless you keep it from being used. That's like, the only really good thing you can do with stuff like that."

farraigeart asked:

TY for commenting on my use of blue/green lmao that's so nice

Honestly it was the first thing I noted when I saw your art for the first time, if I remember correctly. If not the first, one of the first.

I really admire your style πŸ’™

heros-shade asked:

Hey Herobrine sorry you're feeling down! I absolutely think you're Herobrine and your love of dirt is inspiring!

jdjskakdjakdjsjs thank u so much aaaaa ;w;

greatkingrat asked:

You're absolutely Herobrine

hshshshshs thank u

and I absolutely love dirt...

vii asked:

multiples of 4? o:

Alright, here we go!

4. A food you could eat forever and not get bored of

There's a toughie!! It'd be a toss up between apple slices, bacon and egg muffins, carrot cake and roast pork!

8. Serious relationships or flings

I used to be a fling person until I diacovered I was asexual, but now I'm a serious relationship kind of person!

12. Favorite book

Oof, that's another tough one! I do have difficulties reading but I'd go with Going Postal by Terry Prachette or Redwall by Brian Jacques!

16. Favorite scent

Vanilla would have to be it!

20. Do you scare easily

I'm a timid little numbat

24. What would you do with a million dollars

Buy a house of my own and then give out enough to help my friends who are struggling themselves

vii asked:

i would love to see your photos!!

Ask and you shall recieve!

babushka asked:

whenever i cry my eyes turn this beautiful greenish color they don't usually have but the entire face looks like a mess so i try and fail to take crying selfies

Oh that sounds so beautiful ΰ²₯_ΰ²₯ πŸ’•yeah sometimes I fail at taking crying selfies and I just laugh at them later on cause I look like a bunch of squished pink play doh that tries to look poetic hshsjdhs

greatkingrat asked:

I'm sorry your date didn't go well...

it’s okay ;u; I’m still not sure about if we should date, I think not but I’m kinda stubborn when it comes to giving up on people. I appreciate your sympathy, you’re a honey biscuit πŸŒŸπŸ’•

rosefairy asked:

You're very pretty! β™‘ΰΈ…(α€ΛŠκ’³ΰΈ…Λ‹α€β™ͺ)

A fairy has visited me and brought pretty words Ω©(ΰΉ‘Β΄3ο½€ΰΉ‘)ΫΆ I am blessed, thank you 🌸

babushka asked:

also worth mentioning: if you translate the picrew pages, under each game it shows the things author allows you to use it for! It has options like individual use, commercial use, non-commersial, etc. maybe you could include those in description? Just a thought

So I have seen some of these. Not all of them translate though.

How about this - if it translates, and I see it has restrictions, I’ll add them to the post. If not I’ll leave it alone.

I’ll do my best to remember, but I might forget occasionally, so double checking yourself is probably a good call as well!

vii asked:

i know i definitely shouldn't but i want so badly to stick my hand in the molten metal

Definitely don't.

I nearly did oops, but luckily I stopped at the crucible being hot enough. Had blisters for a week haha

rockint765-deactivated-2019AugTue-190813090833-2224 asked:

Hi um!! The chubby girl persona creator ships adults with children and misgenders non-binary characters on their tumblr blog!! Their url is in the desc of the picrew

Scanning through their blog I can see one or two iffy things, but I don’t want to dig deeper.

That being said, I obviously don’t condone these things and will delete the post.

archfey asked:

i would NEVER shoot at your chickens but i would 100% steal them to claim as my own

You are so welcome to some I have way too many

archfey asked:

LOVE banana bread 🍌🍞

Banana flavored things hoe β„’ right here πŸŒπŸ’ƒπŸ»

corky asked:

that sounds cool! did you have a good time? (also for someone who doesn’t know anything about america, is washington dc like a major state? ksjsksk) sleep! sleep a lot!

i did!! it was a bit annoying with my 9year old cousin and my aunt’s friend’s 4year old daughter but it’s alright!! (Washington D.C. is the District of Columbia I believe, it’s not actually a state. It is near Virginia, so a lot of my time was in Virginia! it’s okayskfjsdnw america be wack) and yeah!! i’m going back to my dad’s today so,,, sleep uwu

syrup asked:

I was gonna follow you the second you followed me but I got caught up doing that personality test and I’m Wario and then I sent it to all my friends and compared results and here we are lol hi sorry for the late follow back

I'm laughing so hard at this and I'm on my lunch break rn so who knows what my coworkers think of me. All warios, marios, luigis, and peaches are valid, all waluigis just unfollow me now.

Neopets Ask Game

melancholia -

  • Acara - What is your favorite color pallet?

  • Aisha – Who do you idol?

  • Blumaroo – Do you have any chronic illnesses?

  • Bori – What is your favorite band?

  • Bruce – Do you have any pet?

  • Buzz – What are your thoughts on internet censorship?

  • Chia – Tell me something about your childhood.

  • Chomby – What is your favorite animal?

  • Cybunny – Do you follow any tv series?

  • Draik – Do you have an alt name/pen name? If so, what is it?

  • Elephante – Whats bothering you right now?

  • Eyrie – Do you have a crush?

  • Flotsam – When was the last time you went swimming?

  • Gelert – Have you ever been on a plane?

  • Gnorbu – What country do you live in? What part of the country?

  • Grarrl – Do you see parts of your parents/guardians in you?

  • Grundo – Cats or dogs?

  • Hissi – Are you scared of any animal?

  • Ixi – Do you have any siblings?

  • Jetsam – What is your favorite restaurant?

  • JubJub – Tell me a random fact about you that you have never told anyone.

  • Kacheek – Post a selfie!

  • Kau – Pastel colors or dark colors?

  • Kiko – Who was your favorite character growing up?

  • Koi – Are you an early bird or a night owl?

  • Korbat – Spooky or Cutesie?

  • Kougra – Tea or coffee?

  • Krawk – What is your favorite style of food?

  • Kyrii – Do you want kids or not?

  • Lenny – What is your bedtime routine?

  • Lupe – How do you feel about marriage?

  • Lutari – Would you ever get married?

  • Meerca – What is your favorite childhood game?

  • Moehog – What is your current favorite game?

  • Mynci – Do you like onions?

  • Nimmo – What is your gender and orientation?

  • Ogrin – What is your zodiac sign?

  • Peophin – Do you have any allergies?

  • Poogle – Are you more athletic or a couch potato?

  • Pteri – Beach or Lake?

  • Quiggle – Staples or paperclips?

  • Ruki – Who is/are your best friend(s)?

  • Scorchio – If you were a dragon, what would you hoard?

  • Shoyru – Would you rather camp in a tent or in an rv?

  • Skeith – How well do you save and budget your money?

  • Techo –Do you have a job? If so, what is it?

  • Tonu – Are you and your family close? Why or why not?

  • Tuskaninny – Make a haiku about the last thing you ate.

  • Uni – What is your fave DND class to play?

  • Usul – If you were in the apocalypse, what would your weapon of choice be?

  • Vandagyre – Vampires or werewolves?

  • Wocky – Do you believe in ghost?

  • Xweetok – Describe the last movie you watched without giving the title away.

  • Yurble – What is your dream car?

  • Zafara – What is your otp?