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Me: Why can't Cristo become an ally in Dragon Quest Walk after he gets better. I mean, that happened in the original?

Dragon Quest Walk: Well you see, he does get better but he faints so after, because of the lovesickness he had after Cristo learned that Alena saved him.


Now that tags and the image uploader are fixed I'm going to start uploading gif sets again. I'm leaning towards focusing on cartoon openings but if there are specific things you guys want gif'd let me know! I'm also gonna get my art post queue back up and running.

Galarian Ponyta

I can't tell you how excited I was when I saw this Galarian form, honestly so perfect for Ponyta and I can't wait to see how Rapidash looks. Plus it is called the "unique horn" pokemon **COUGH COUGH** Uniq-orn

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Patch Notes 0.15.79

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- Dashboard now has sanity checks to make sure that it's actually trying to load a post ID. - Uploaded images are now visible in reblogs while posting, not only after.

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Wake the fuck up, Samurai. We have a city to burn.

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visiting the library in mt.pyre

Have some soft Beefalo and Wilson dancing (and sleeping) moments

have Wilson (wearing a Sonic T-shirt) dabbing uwu

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me saying hi to mutuals

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evening, fellas

This is an animation I did a while ago! It's of my character Subiko!!